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Fáilte & Welcome

A sincere and heartfelt welcome to all members of our school community at Dominican College, Griffith Avenue.

Céad Míle Fáilte to all our readers, whether parent, student, teacher, past student or friend. The website is designed to give you an insight into the aims and activities of our highly regarded College.

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Mission Statement & Ethos

Here at Dominican College, we strive to support, develop and realise each individual's full potential in a Catholic environment.

Our Roman Catholic traditional motto - Veritas - permeates and imbues all aspects of school life - academic and personal.

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Science of Star Wars

On Monday, Ms. Gillivan's 1st Year classes walked to Dublin City University to listen to performer Jon Chase cover the 'Science of Star Wars'. Star Wars is a fantastic feat of science fiction and fantasy. Many marvel at the variety of creatures and technology and the mystery behind the force but how much of the Star Wars world is rooted in reality? The students learned about the vastness of our Galaxy and the Universe; the scientific facts behind space travel; the speed of light; mind control; where extra terrestrial life could exist and what alien intelligent life forms could look like. A number of students were invited up to assist in some of the experiments in this interactive demonstration lecture.

Star Wars 1a

Physics Talk in DCU

Speaking to over 1000 second level students and teachers in the Helix during his visit to Dublin City University on Monday, 12th November 2018, NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, gave our 5th and 6th Year Physics students an insight into his experiences on the STS-126 Endeavour, including video footage showing the effects of gravity on simple activities such as eating, drinking, moving and exercising. He described the process of changing in and out of the cumbersome spacesuit used in spacewalks and showed the effects of weightlessness on the ability to carry out simple tasks.

Col Kimbrough spent almost a total 13 hours on spacewalks, during which he carried out repair work on the exterior surface of the space station. Other highlights of his mission included expanding the living quarters of the space station to eventually house six-member crews by delivering a new bathroom, kitchenette, two bedrooms, an exercise machine and a water recycling system. STS-126Endeavour returned to Earth after completing 250 orbits in over 6 million miles.

Emma Rowlette was highly commended on her excellent question about space debis and all the girls were fascinated with the lecture (they thought it was out of this world!)

IMG 0816 Copy

Science Week 2018

Science Week 2018 will run nationwide from November 11th -18th, with numerous events across the country. In Dominican College we will celebrate Science Week with trips, talks and interactive lessons with all Year groups. Here is a flavour of what we have organised:

Monday: Two classes of 1st Years will go to DCU to look at the Science behind Star Wars. From light speed to hyper drives to lightsabers and autonomous robots, Star Wars was certainly way ahead of its time despite occurring a long time ago.

All 5th and 6th Year science students will attend a lecture in DCU entitled Lift-Off to the International Space Station.

Tuesday: All 3rd Years will take part in a debate on Climate Change with Ms. Julianne Kealy from Maynooth University.

All 6th Years will attend the Botanic Gardens to participate in interactive demonstrations on plant productions and laboratory sessions as well as attending lectures and taking part in a guided tour.

Wednesday: 5th Year biology students will take part in Teams Game Tournament competition on materials covered to date while 6th Year biology students will have the chance to make and eat DNA using liquorice, marshmallows  and other treats.

Thursday: 2nd Years will take part in a science quiz in the library while 5th Years will continue with their Team Games Tournaments in class.

TY students will prepare and demonstrate “fun experiments” to all 1st Years

6th Year College Talk from the USI

Colm O’Halloran from the ‘Union of students of Ireland’ spoke to our 6th Year classes today.  He shared his college experiences and spoke about adjusting to college life and meeting new people. Colm encouraged the students to get involved in activities or join the various societies on campus.  He shared his experiences working with students in the U.S.I. and discussed how they are currently working with individual students and groups to raise awareness of some of the financial and housing issues facing students.

Colm is a brother of Niamh O’Halloran (TY) and is a past pupil of Ard Scoil Rís.  As a student himself he participated in the TY fashion show and Home Economics classes with Sr. Maíread Morrissey.

IMG 0698 Copy

Cyberbullying Talk (2nd Years)

On 7th November, John Will (Psychologist) visited Dominican College to discuss cyberbullying with our 2nd Years as part of our Anti-Bullying week.  John questioned the students as to why it is important to explore the topic of cyberbullying, particularly at this age. The students then went on to explore the risks associated with social media applications.

The students engaged and co-operated very well with various discussions.  They gained a deeper understanding of what happens when you put something on social media, encouraged students to think about what they like or share online and informed them of different scams.

They learned methods of being cyber-safe and became aware of the help available if they are victims of cyberbullying. It is an important lesson and one we hope that never visits them.

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