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Fáilte & Welcome

A sincere and heartfelt welcome to all members of our school community at Dominican College, Griffith Avenue.

Céad Míle Fáilte to all our readers, whether parent, student, teacher, past student or someone interested to find out about our fine College.

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Mission Statement & Ethos

We strive to realise each individual's full potential in a Catholic environment

Our Roman Catholic traditional motto - Veritas - imbues all aspects of school life.

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Mock Exams 2017 Schedule

The mock exams start for JC students on Feb 7th, LCVP students on Jan 31st and other LC students on the 3rd Feb. All the necessary information can be found below:

JC Mock Timetable 2017 

LC Mock Timetable 2017

Christmas Orchestra Concert

The school orchestra had their annual musical evening on Friday, 16th December in the school hall. It was a great success and enormous credit is due to many people for their help and involvement, which resulted in a very enjoyable event. The girls were a credit to themselves and their sense of enjoyment and fun prevailed throughout the evening. The event was the culmination of the term’s work in terms of rehearsals and the girls threw themselves wholeheartedly into making it a success. Special mention must go to Ailbhe Gaffney (one of our two orchestra prefects) for making it to the concert despite being ill all week and arriving into school still very much under the weather. Ailbhe then spent the afternoon rehearsing with both the orchestra and with the senior string trio along with Alannah Cooley and Aisling Dillon. (orchestra prefect). This commitment is typical of Ailbhe and the rest of the girls. Sarah Mc Guinness was also feeling far from well on Friday and despite going home ill, returned and rehearsed ahead of the evening’s performance.

It was lovely to see previous orchestra members return to listen to us and catch up. The girls came straight from either block classes, in the case of the 3rd and 6th Year students or from exams in the case of 1st, 2nd and 5th Year students and went straight into rehearsing at 1pm on Friday.

Mr Hurley was on hand as usual to sort out the sound and lighting ahead of the evening’s performance and a big ‘thank you’ goes to him. Mr Curry hung the curtain and sorted out the fairy lights. Mr Moriarty very patiently waited until all of the girls arrived and got into position before taking some photos. Maureen Noonan was patient as ever with us and made sure we had copies of music in an instant. The girls were delighted to have Ms Kealy help us put together the final touches before 6.30pm and we opened with the orchestra playing a series of film and musical related themes including Pirates of the Caribbean, Wicked, Les Misérables, The Mission and many more. This was followed by solos from orchestra members and pianists who are involved in accompanying the orchestra at various school events.

During this time, the kitchen was a hive of activity in preparing finger food, mince pies and our traditional alcohol-free mulled punch. The following 6th Year prefects (to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude in giving up valuable time on a Friday evening) did trojan work in getting the food heated and distributed so efficiently and in particular for the great job they did in the clean-up of both the kitchen and hall at the end of the evening - Aimée Mc Grath, Ellen Corr, Áine Ellis, Ciara Tierney and Eimear Hoban.

Sincere thanks also goes to Maria Smith for so ably looking after Powerpoints and video clips and also, sincere to Jessica Linnane who looked after sound and lighting. Of course none of the above would be possible without the ongoing support from Dr Laffoy and in particular we thank her for providing the goodies for the evening-much appreciated!

There was great camaraderie shown and an obvious sense of enjoyment. I hope you have a very musical, happy and peaceful Christmas. (Ms. Doyle)

Hamper Delivered

IMG 6445 Copy

This beautiful hamper was delivered by courier yesterday at lunchtime into the school office but when we went to read the card it couldn't be found. Could the person who sent it into school please contact the office to let us know who you are and to whom the hamper is being delivered.

Míle buíochas.

Beauty and the Beast

This year’s annual TY show, the classic and beloved musical of Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast, was its usual major success, and we were lucky enough to be a part of it. 

Áine Falls:

It is hard to believe how much was done and completed in such a short space of time, which then hopefully shows the students what can really be achieved when they put in the time and effort into an amazing production like this, especially if you are as lucky as me to have worked with such a diligent and optimistic group of people. Between the fumbles and the mix ups, from broken microphones to ... disastrous blackouts ..., I think we could all say that it paid off in the end. 

I was cast as Madame de la Grande Bouche, the ultra-diva, ego-driven opera singer that to her misfortune, was turned into a boisterous, singing wardrobe. To my delight, however, her personality was in no way depleted. 

I adored my role. I was ecstatic when Seán, our director, called out my name when we were all cast. If I'm being honest, I hadn't a clue who Madame was when my name was called as her role, all I cared about was even being a part of the cast. I remember turning to my friend Elli as I leaped up and down in disbelief while yelling

“Oh my god I'm in the cast! I'm in the cast! Wait who am I? Elli I’m in the cast! "  

I now understand the amount of expenses that are invested in the Transition Year Show, and I am honoured that I am in a school that can provide their students with such facilities and opportunities. The show is by far the highlight of my Transition Year, and the only bit of advice that I would give to any future TY students coming up to the show is to just go for it! Really engage in the show and you will reap the benefits, make new friends, and maybe even see it as extra work experience for yourself! 

Elli Prendergast:

My name is Elli Prendergast and I was assigned the roll of the “Bookseller” in the play. Those of you who came to see our show might`ve seen me on stage sporting my rather dashing moustache! I had a lot of fun with the show, rehearsing every Tuesday and Friday. I think the best part was the experience of standing up on stage, out of my comfort zone with a ridiculous attire on for the entertainment of my friends and family and their snapchat stories!

But honestly, being on the stage has really been a confidence booster and has majorly expanded my friendship circle. I would really like to thank Seán and Amy for that. Some of you may also be aware of our opening night misfortune with the power cut. If anything, I considered it to be a blessing, as my moustache wasn’t as dapper as it usually was! Everyone backstage had the utmost banter, chanting ABBA and Adele songs to the tune of Seán’s piano, but more importantly our audience remained patient and had even more fun than us (if possible).

Everyone did such an incredible job over the course of the next few nights, especially our official finale. The show wouldn’t have happened without the blood, sweat and tears that Amy and Seán put in for us, the costumes they provided and the positive attitudes throughout our show nights. Also, the production team did an amazing job in setting the scenes on stage, ushering characters through the jam-packed backstage and the Beast`s transformation scene. Each person who participated in the production of the show really got out what they put in; 3 (well, in our case 4) nights to remember.

Kerry O’Sullivan:

The show was a unique experience for me. I was really shocked to have got the part of Chip because I tend to go red and want to crawl underground when I have to appear in front of a group of more than four. A huge jumble of emotions went into each rehearsal, but I am so pleased that I was able to be part of the journey. My favourite part was being able to watch my friends develop into incredible performers. It was a real privilege to watch them grow and change and the maturity blossomed in everyone as we had to jump over each ridiculous hurdle. (I’m looking at you death trap/ demonic table of wheels that was my costume). I was so proud to see everyone give it their all and I was a little surprised at what I could actually do (although, I was informed afterwards that I in fact have a great face for a teacup. Maybe it was meant to be).

Seeing people devoted to their art is a motivator like nothing else. Seán, Amy and all the teachers involved continue to be the best support system Dominican College’s shows could ask for and we can all learn from their patience towards us and their constant problem solving!  When I look back on myself and each girl this time last year, we were children concentrated on academia and grades and exams and life through paper and numbers. Now we are young adults that really know what matter. Friendship, memories and learning to have a good time.

Christmas Quiz 2016

The students council brought the school together this afternoon for their annual table quiz, complete with festive spirit. The array of questions, prizes and good-humour by the hosts made the afternoon a treat for us all before embarking on the Christmas exams. Well done girls!!

 IMG 6277 Copy   IMG 6295 Copy