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Fáilte & Welcome

A sincere and heartfelt welcome to all members of our school community at Dominican College, Griffith Avenue.

Céad Míle Fáilte to all our readers, whether parent, student, teacher, past student or friend. The website is designed to give you an insight into the aims and activities of our highly regarded College.

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Mission Statement & Ethos

Here at Dominican College, we strive to support, develop and realise each individual's full potential in a Catholic environment.

Our Roman Catholic traditional motto - Veritas - permeates and imbues all aspects of school life - academic and personal.

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Entrance Examinations Award 2007

Congratulations to  Ailish Beakey and Claire Murphy, who due to their high performance levels achieved in the School Leaving Certificate Examinations, have been selected for an Entrance Exhibition Awards in University College Dublin.

Concern Debates 2007-08

Good luck to the concern debate team who will be debating against a team from Loreto on the Green on Monday 12/11/07. The motion is that “celebrity led campaigns do more harm than good for the developing world” and the Dominican College team opposing it consists of Kim Connick, Dearbhla Quinn, Emer Toale and Eimear Ellis.

TY Paris Trip - October-2007


Last year when we were told about the trip to Paris we were all very excited! We were told that there were 40 places on the trip and people came into school as early as 7 a.m. to make sure they got a place. All of the places filled up very quickly. When June came we were all looking forward to finishing the exams and starting T.Y in September. When we started back to school we paid for the rest of the trip and we couldn’t believe it was actually happening. We had a meeting after school and were told the rules for the trip. We were also told that we had to be in the airport at 4:15a.m. (We were all very excited but 4:15 is early!)

Friday 26th of October finally came and we were in the airport and said goodbye to our parents and hello to our friends! We arrived in Paris at about 10:00 a.m. and met our bus driver, Pete. We got on our bus and went to meet our tour guide, Robert. Mr. Joe Walsh gave us a tour of Paris by bus that was enjoyable and gave us a flavour of what lay ahead for the next four days. We then went to The Louvre which was half museum and half shopping centre. We had lunch in the food hall there then went to the museum. We did a marathon around the museum and saw the Mona Lisa. It’s amazing, her eyes follow you around the room. The Louvre is also the home of the nicest pick ‘n’ mix ever!

After that we got back on the bus and got dropped off on a road. Robert then took us on a walk. We went to London in Paris. He showed us a wooden windmill that many famous painters painted from. We then walked to a church, sat on the steps of it and listened to a man performing many songs. When he finished performing our whole group broke into a chorus of “Molly Malone” but we didn’t get much of a clap afterwards. We got some free time to look around a small village before going back to the bus to go back for dinner.

Nobody knew what to expect for dinner, but nobody expected Flunch. Flunch was an experience in itself. We had an €8 voucher each, this got us dinner, dessert and a drink. Most people just got chips for dinner, we couldn’t believe that this is where we would be eating for the next three nights. After Flunch we had a sing song on the bus on the way to the hotel. We arrived there at about 9:30 p.m and were sorted into our rooms. There were twelve rooms of three and two rooms of two. Most people were in rooms with their friends. We went to sleep early that night as we had been up since 3 that morning!

We each got a wake up call at 8 a.m. and were down in the restaurant at 9 a.m for breakfast. The breakfast was lovely so we ate lots because we knew where we were going for dinner that night (Flunch). We went to mini France and saw 116 mini buildings and went for ‘lunch’. We had rolls and sandwiches, if that’s what you want to call them. We took it in our stride and didn’t complain too much! We moved on from there and went to The Palace of Versailles (a huge house which belonged to King Louis).

We then went back to the hotel before going to Flunch for dinner. It was slightly nicer that night and we made friends from Louth! After dinner we went to Montparnasse. It’s a 59 story building and we got a really good view of the city. We had our sing song on the bus and went back to the hotel and had a meeting about what would happen on Sunday. Then it was off to bed for another good night sleep!

We had to be at breakfast for 8 a.m., so we got our wake up call at 7! We went to mass in Notre Dame at 10. That afternoon we went to Aqua boulevard. Everybody enjoyed that, even Ms. Murray! We had lunch in Aqua boulevard: most people ate McDonalds it was the closest thing to food we had seen since we left Ireland. We went back to Notre Damn that evening for evening Song. We walked around the Cathedral and some of us went to confession. Then it was off to Flunch for dinner. They had pizza in Flunch that night and it was lovely. When we got to the hotel (after our sing song on the bus) we had another meeting and were allowed into our friends rooms until 10:30 p.m.

Monday. We were meant to go to an island but it was wet and we were all quite happy to spend a few extra hours shopping. We had lunch in the Shopping Centre, it was McDonalds for most people again, and then went to a hill where we got a really good view of The Eiffel Tower. The was dancers performing there and we stopped to watch, the pulled Jenny and Kelly out of the crowd and got them to dance in front of about 300 people! We then went on a cruise down the river Seine which was very enjoyable. Then it was off to Flunch for the last time. We met more people from Cork and Kerry there. We had our last sing song on the bus on the way back to the hotel for our last night in Paris. Fair play to Pete, he didn’t complain about our singing once! We had another meeting in the hotel and were allowed into our friends rooms until 10:30 p.m, but it was the last night and we had figured out how the phones worked, so we kept ringing each other.

The last day…we checked out at 9 a.m. and went to an art museum. After that we went to an aquarium and the biggest shopping centre in Europe, it really was HUGE. There were designer outlets out the back of it, they were really nice. After all the shopping it was off to the airport to go home. We arrived in Ireland at 10:45 and I’d say most of us were ready to sleep for a week. Paris was a brilliant trip.

By: Nuala O’ Donovan 4-1

125 Years of Dominican Education

In December 1882 the Dominican Sisters decided to open a school in Eccles Street.  Two weeks later, the first students entered and thus began a long history of education of Irish women. This year we are beginning the preparations to celebrate this momentous undertaking.

We are hoping to have a number of events over the year.  We will keep you posted as to our ideas and we would welcome yours. Send your ideas, or offers of help, to the Principal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and mark it  "125th Celebrations".

Celebration Mass
Lanthorn: ( Need Photos if you have any. Please let us have a copy and we will keep them safe.)
(Click here for a link to the Archive)
Open Day;
Have you ever seen the new school?
Fund Raising Event;
Past Pupils Event: Would you like to be involved or organise one?

Maths Week Quiz

Maths Week 2007


The winners of the online quiz and PRISM competition are available below.  Well done to all! 

Maths Week Ireland took place 15th - 19th October 2007.

Dominican College had a number of events. Teachers spent a few minutes on Maths puzzles in class, approximately 30 students took part in the annual PRISM contest on Thursday 18th (details available on our website) and there was an e-mail competition open to all students of Dominican College – details below.

For details of Maths Week and other links to Maths sites, click http://www.mathsweek.ie

Questions (Answers and explanations below)

Q.1. If a farmer has five haystacks in one field and four haystacks in another field, how many haystacks would he have if he combined them all in one big field?

Q.2. Saoirse bought a used car for €500 and sold it to Caoimhe for €700. She later bought it back for €1,000 and resold it for €1,200. How much profit did Saoirse make?

Q.3. You are participating in a race. Right at the end of the race you overtake the second person. In what position do you finish?

Q.4. There is a frog stuck in a 60-foot-deep well. How many days will it take the frog to get out if for every day he jumps five feet up, he then slides back three feet?

Q.5. In what year did Christmas and New Year’s Day fall in the same year?

Scroll down for the answers to the above five questions.


Well done to the following girls who all had all five answers correct. 

Orla Gartland    1.1
Emer Duff    2.4
Kimberley Fagan    3.1
Stephanie Fagan    3.1
Emma McMahon    3.5
Sarah Mulligan    5.1
Caryn Chan     5.5

PRISM Competition Winners:

Junior Winner:             Naoise Hennessy

Senior Joint Winners:  Alissa Karpick
                                   Ashlyn Susan Matthew


The first question was the one that caught a lot of people out!

Q.1. 1    (If he combines all of his haystacks, they all become one big haystack.)

Q.2. €400    (Saoirse makes €200 profit from the first sale and €200 profit from the second sale.)

Q.3. 2nd    (If you overtake the person in 2nd place, he/she moves into 3rd place and you move into 2nd place.)

Q.4. 29 days    (The last jump was out of the well so he didn't fall back.)

Q.5. Every year    (They fall in the same year every year - New Year's Day just arrives very early in the year and Christmas arrives very late in the same year.)