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Fáilte & Welcome

A sincere and heartfelt welcome to all members of our school community at Dominican College, Griffith Avenue.

Céad Míle Fáilte to all our readers, whether parent, student, teacher, past student or friend. The website is designed to give you an insight into the aims and activities of our highly regarded College.

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Mission Statement & Ethos

Here at Dominican College, we strive to support, develop and realise each individual's full potential in a Catholic environment.

Our Roman Catholic traditional motto - Veritas - permeates and imbues all aspects of school life - academic and personal.

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Green Flag Award

The Wonderful

World of Water

September 2011

Dear Water Conservers,

We at Dominican College have been doing a number of things over the years to achieve all the green flags. We have successfully been awarded two green flags. We are trying to achieve our third flag which involves water. Part of our plan to achieve the final flag involves saving water. So we have decided to keep you updated every month on what we are doing to get closer to achieving the third green flag.


TY Debating Team reach Quarter Finals

Concern Debates Final Knockout Phase

"Ireland should deny aid to developing countries with corrupt governments."

Dominican College were opposing the motion against Scoil Muire, Trim. The team was:

  • Captain: Niamh Kearney
  • Second speaker: Kirsty Egan
  • Third speaker: Kim Connick
  • Fourth speaker: Laura Anne Kelly.

In the open-forum following the debate both teams agreed that there should be a compromise between corruption and aid. Aid should be distributed equally between governments (bi-lateral aid) and NGOs (voluntary aid).

Green News - January 2007

JANUARY 2007 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to the Environmental Committee's January edition of GREEN NEWS! As you will see below it has been a very busy and productive time for us. Thanks to you all for your co-operation and support!

Ms. Delaney's 1st year Religion Class participated in an environmental awareness poster competition. This was based on the work that they had covered in class. The standard of the entries was extremely high and it was very difficult to decide on winners. The winners were as follows:

1st: Sinéad Bergin 2nd: Laura Booth 3rd: Naoise Hennessey

Congratulations to all who entered! You can see some of their work on the walls around the school.

On December 13th, class 3.2 visited ENFO on St. Andrew's Street as part of their C.S.P.E Action Project. ENFO offers a number of free facilities to the public including the largest environmental library in Europe. They also provide posters and leaflets on many environmental issues.

Some of the tips they picked up on the day:

  • Do not let taps run
  • Reuse materials as often as possible
  • Carpool if possible
  • Help the environment and the animals that live it, by using bird feeders in your garden/area
    For more information visit www.ENFO.com

THE WINTER SALE (January 24):
As Christmas can be a time of extravagance, January can also be a time of huge waste. This year's transition years have decided to recycle as much as possible of any unwanted Christmas presents etc. that we may have lying around at home. They have organised a "Winter Sale" to take place on 24 January. Not only will this give everybody a chance to de-clutter, it will also mean that we are recycling a huge number of goods. It is hoped that the proceeds of this sale will go to charities on the north side of the city. So a big thank you in advance to all of you for your participation in this project and particular thanks to Sr. Christina and the fourth year students for organising this very worthwhile event!

As part of the "Young Environmentalist Awards", Kirsty and Hazel Egan carried out a survey of the traffic on Griffith Ave., on a December week-day morning, from 8.15 to 8.30. To do this they placed themselves at the junction between the Swords Road and Griffith Ave. During these 15 minutes an enormous number of vehicles used Griffith Ave. They carried out the same survey in January to see if the effects (if any) of the opening of the Port Tunnel. The results make for interesting reading!

Traffic towards town Traffic towards Port Tunnel


HGVs 14 26
Trucks/Vans 16 15
Buses 9 9
Cars 131 144
Bikes 9 3
Motorbikes 12 2
TOTAL 191 199

So in 15 minutes a staggering 390 vehicles passed by!!


HGVs 0 1
Trucks/Vans 17 21
Buses 6 15
Cars 133 171
Bikes 15  
Motorbikes 16 3
TOTAL 187 212

So while the total number of vehicles did not change much due to the opening of the Dublin Port Tunnel, we certainly have far fewer HGVs on the road outside our school these days!!

With a view to completing their "Young Environmentalist Award" members of the Environmental Committee will be organising a number of events in the coming month. So watch out for our "Energy Awareness Week" as well as our "Healthy Eating Week".

DON'T FORGET THAT YOU CAN CONTACT US DIRECTLY AT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Green News - November 2006

H2O Day!
Dominican College’s H2O day will be held in the school hall on the 6th of December. We hope to raise awareness about water conservation in the school and at home. Throughout H2O day there will be games, presentations, competitions and prizes, a cake sale, car wash for teachers, entertainment and a cartoon made by the students of TY. These activities will take place in the hall and each year group will get a chance to go. In the presentation there will be some interesting facts about water and helpful suggestion of how everyone can conserve water daily to help the environment. Each student will hopefully leave with a lolly with an eco-fact, a cake from the cake sale, windscreen wiper fluid and new useful knowledge of water conservation. H2O day is organized by the fourth year environmental studies classes and their teacher Ms.Roche.

November 2006 Email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to the Environmental Committee's first edition of GREEN NEWS! Here we will keep you up to date on what we are doing to make our school environment GREEN. As you will see below we have had a busy first term and lots more planned for the rest of the year. Suggestions are always welcome so feel free to contact us at the email address above.

W.O.W - Walk on Wednesday:

Walk on Wednesday, encourages parents, teachers and pupils to walk to school at least once a week.

Thank you for making the effort to take part in our scheme by walking to school during October. Congratulations on your success! The amount of people walking to school has risen each week and you really surpassed yourselves. Not only does walking to school benefit our environment but also improves your own health so let's keep the W.O.W habit for good!!

The results of our survey are as follows:

% No
% Yes
Total Number Surveyed
October 4th
October 11th
October 18th
October 25th

Recycling in the School:

The Environmental Committee was very pleased to see our recycling bins set up in five areas around the school. There is one new recycle zone now located outside the R.E. room. More and more students have taken up the initiative of recycling their plastics bottles, cans, papers etc.

Apart from reducing our waste bill, this is also contributing to a better school environment.


ECO-UNESCO is Ireland's only national environmental organisation for young people. It aims to raise environmental awareness, understanding and knowledge of the environment among young people. To this end, it runs the Young Environmentalist Awards, an all Ireland Awards programme, which encourages young people to carry out an environmental project in their community.

Last year, in the category of "Energy Awards", Dominican College students, under the guidance of Ms. Mc Cool, won the junior award for their project "Lose the standby and save your energy". In the category of "Waste Awards" they also won for their project "Bring back the lunchbox". This year two groups of students are taking up the challenge and entering the programme. The project titles submitted are "Green Food" and "Towards a Sustainable College"

We will keep you updated on our progress in the next issue.

Your Local Recycling/Bring Centres:
  1. Oscar Traynor Road - City Council Depot
  2. Collins Ave - City Council Depot (opposite DCU)
  3. Fingal - Estuary Recycling Centre - Mantua Rd, Swords
  4. "Free Trade" - a new online service available for people who wish to pass on (free of charge) items such as furniture, gardening equipment etc. See www.dublinwaste.ie

Recommended web sites:

  1. www.ecounesco.ie
  2. www.powerofone.ie
  3. www.eco-schools.ie
  4. www.antaisce.org
  5. www.walktoschool.org
  6. www.sei.ie

Did You Know?

  1. Almost half our waste can easily be recycled - in 2001 over 100,000 tonnes of glass was land filled in Ireland. This will never decompose.
  2. Enough energy is saved by recycling one aluminium can to light a 100watt bulb for 20 hours.
  3. 25 plastic bottles can be used to make one fleece jacket.
  4. In 2001 each Irish person generated 0.7 tonnes of waste - approx. 10 times our body weight!
  5. Producing recycled paper uses 28% - 70% less energy and water

Oh Happy Days

We are very fortunate in Dominican College to have as a past pupil. Patricia Scanlan, who has over a number of years given of her time to take our Transition Years for creative writing.

Click here for a word document of the TY2006-7 book entitled "Oh Happy Days".