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Salt & Vinegar

Once upon a time in a far, far land were the two most beautiful women that ever walked the planet. The two sisters Roisin and Kaeleigh were on a journey to find two handsome princes.

One day when the two of them were walking down the magical beach two really strong and muscley men ran towards them and grabbed them into their arms. The ladies then realised that the two men were the richest and most handsome princes on the planet. Their names were Prince Justin and Prince Peter. The princes had recently inherited a huge castle off their great-grand father and they were looking for two dashing ladies to come and live with them. It was obvious that the ladies said yes straight away and moved in within a few days.

Once they had settled into the castle the two princes asked the ladies for their hand in marriage and the ladies were delighted. The ladies had to communicate with their families and tell them the good news but when their two fat ugly step-sisters heard the news they became very jealous as they thought the princes were really handsome and they soon made an evil plan to stop the marriage. The two step-sisters were fat, old, wrinkly, smelly, ugly and had hair growing from their ears.

On the night before the wedding everything was going according to plan. They all went to bed very early that night. But the next day when the ladies awoke, they were shocked to find that their husbands-to-be were missing. They saw the two step-sisters big size fifteen footprints in the marshy ground outside the castle. The footprints lead to the small dark cottage out the back. When they looked through the window of the cottage they saw the two step-sisters forcing the princes into a big black cauldron but the princes were fighting back. When they were eventually put into the cauldron the two step-sisters started to pour SALT& VINEGAR over the two princes. The two ladies went back to the castle and waited until night. Once it struck twelve o' clock they crept to the open window and climbed in. They grabbed the princes from the cauldron and all four of them dragged the two step-sisters into the cauldron, they woke up but it was too late they were nearly boiled. The two ladies and the two princes all poured SALT & VINEGAR over the two step-sisters and they were eaten for breakfast and lunch as they were so fat. They were never heard of again. The next day Roisin got married to Prince Justin and Kaeleigh got married to Prince Peter. They had two children each and lived happily ever after.

Roisin Foley and Kaeleigh Mc Colgan