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Rescuing the Prince

Once upon a time there was a Prince who lived with his stepmother in a castle. His stepmother, Elizabeth, was a witch who had magical powers. She really hated the Prince, Jonathan, because since his father died he gets all the money and jewels that his father left him in his will. Elizabeth decided to turn him into an ogre and lock him in a tower in the enchanted forest at the edge of the village. She wanted all the money and jewels for herself. The spell would be broken if someone finds him and completes the tasks leading up to the tower.

People in the village noticed the prince was absent from his duties. Elizabeth pretended he was missing and most people believed her. Except for the Prince's friends, Henry and Charles, who knew that she was lying because she hated the Prince. They set out to find him, starting the search in the enchanted forest.

In the enchanted forest the sky is so black that it is night when it's really day. It was hard to see where they were going. After every step that Henry and Charles took, trees would close in behind them disallowing them to turn back. Finally they saw a tower. It was across a long, deep, mouldy lake and neither Henry nor Charles could swim. But that was the least of their problems!!!!

Charles spotted stepping stones in the lake and they decided to go across the lake by stepping on them. They stepped onto the first one nervously. By the fourth one they were a bit more relaxed. They were six steps from the tower when the stepping stones started to shake. They suddenly got lifted up into the sky. They didn't know what was happening until they looked up and saw the blazing flames come out of the dragon's mouth. Henry threw his biggest sword at the dragon's right leg as his father was a dragon expert and if a sword spikes threw a dragon's leg it will die.

The dragon fell, making a loud thud, and they ran across the dragon's tail to the bank of the lake. Finally they were at the tower. They were surprised that the door had no lock and it opened immediately when Charles turned the brass knob. They walked up the stairs and halfway through climbing it, it turned into a slide and they slid, crashing into each other, to the very bottom where they started.

They reluctantly dragged themselves up the slippery slide by holding onto the holes in between the stones on the wall. After three hours of this nightmare they reached the top of the slide. It had now turned to dusk and they really wanted to get out of the tower. They ran to the one door that was in the hallway. Again, there was no lock and to their surprise it opened. There, in the dimly lit room, they found a bed and one tall, gruesome looking ogre. At once they knew it was the Prince as the ogre was wearing a big t-shirt with Jonathan's family crest on it. The ogre spoke English, as they soon found out, and they walked back towards the Prince's castle.

There, Henry and Charles pleaded with Elizabeth not to tell they're parents about rescuing the Prince. But Elizabeth wasn't really listening. She was thinking about all the riches she could have owned. Since the spell had been broken she turned the ogre back into the Prince. And they all (except for the stepmother) lived happily ever after!

Jennifer Kerins
Aisling Quinn