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Where's Henry?

Once upon a time there lived a young princess who felt very left out in her big family. She shared her bedroom with her eldest sister Eliza. Every morning the princess awoke with Eliza sitting at the end of her bed with the princesses' dairy threatening to read it aloud to the village, unless the princess did what sister wanted. The King and Queen never realised what was going on between their daughters.

The only way she could escape from Eliza was to go swimming in the ocean with her best friend Henry. One bright sunny day as they were swimming, Henry kept going under water and screaming but when he didn't come back up for air she began to worry. She swam back to shore as fast as she could. She stood still for a moment on the shore. As she was crying, a little old lady dressed in black on her back came over and asked would she like to come back to her cottage for a cup of tea.

As the princess approached the cottage a big crow flew out of an old shaggy oak tree. "Down boy" shouted the old lady. The crow replied with "Who is this you are bringing, another dinner for us to feast upon". As she entered the small cottage she noticed a lot of strange objects, such as broomsticks all lined up against a dark damp wall, cauldrons stacked up in high piles and mounds of human skeleton bones lying on the floor at the other side of the small room. Little did the princess know Eliza had seen her enter the cottage.

All of sudden she heard a voice that sounded familiar coming from under the floorboards. "What was that noise" said the princess, the old lady replied "it's just your imagination my dear". The old lady went out side to collect wood for the fire, "it was going to be a long evening," the old lady said. As she went out the door the princess lifted the old dusty rug to find a hatch underneath. She opened the creaky old hatch only to find her best friend Henry locked up in an old metal cage. She screamed in horror. With that the witch came up from behind her and threw her in the cage with Henry.

As she trembled with fear there was a knock on the door. The princess heard the witch screaming in pain. A beam of light came from above them. The princess saw Eliza's face staring at her. Eliza said "quick come with me, we have to get out of here the witch is starting to gain conciseness". Eliza pulled both of them up by the arms. As they ran out the door the witch gained conciseness. They ran through the green bushy forest trying to reach the princesses' castle in time, the witch trailing behind them. As the witch ran she grew more tired, next of all she fell through a camouflaged hole with sticks and leaves. The princess ran over to the hole, the witch had disappeared

Since that day the princess Eliza and Henry have been best friends.

Alison Seery
Rebecca Gargan