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The Shining Green Shoes

Once upon a time in a far away land lived a beautiful princess called Gill. She lived in a castle on top of a hill over looking a quiet bay. She lived with her father King James.

Gill's birthday was only one day away and not a word had been said about it. In two hours she would be sixteen but nobody seemed to care. On her way to bed she said good night to her father but he hardly acknowledged her. `

As Gill lay in bed she heard the clock strike twelve, she was now sixteen. Suddenly, tumbling in the window came a little green fairy. She jumped up onto the bed and smiled at the princess "Happy Birthday" she said "My name is Magical Maeve". Gill was awestruck "What are you doing here?" Magical Maeve said a few words of a spell and out of nowhere appeared a magnificent pair of shinning green shoes "For your birthday of course, you silly Billy!" "Here is your pressie" and she slipped the slippers on Gill's feet. "That's not all, these are not just any ordinary shoes, they're magical, if you stamp your feet three times saying MOO! OINK! MEOW!" you will be granted three wishes!

Gill thanked Magical Maeve and with a puff of smoke she was gone. Gill sat on her bed thinking about what she could wish for. Suddenly it all came to her she could wish for an adventure, she would surly have lots of fun on her birthday. So she jumped up off her bed, stamped her feet three times and said in a loud voice "MOO! OINK! MEOW!" and she wished as hard as she could. After an hour or so she was fed up waiting and went to sleep.
Gill woke up with an unusual feeling inside her, she opened her eyes. Standing above her was a small, round man. He was wearing a patch over his left eye and a sword hung from his belt. Princess Gill felt afraid "Where am I? Is this my adventure?" she asked the strange man "Listen mate" he answered roughly "I haven't got time for this, we have work to do, now help me hoist the sails!" and with that he stormed out of the room.
Getting out of her hard, wooden bed she realised she was on a ship. In a flash she was up on deck and ready to find out what her adventure was all about. While she was helping the pirate, all the other pirates were laughing at her with beers in their hands. Gill was very frightened; this was not the adventure she had hoped for! As the day went on Gill began to wonder weather she should use her second wish to get her home but then she discovered she was not the only person on board who was being bullied by the horrible pirates. As she scrubbed the deck she saw three of the pirates threaten a very handsome, young guy with a sword. The young pirate wasn't like the rest of the scallywag, he was kind and didn't laugh at her. At dinner Gill sat alone with only a piece of bread but the young pirate sat beside her and said "Hi, my name is Chris, would you like to share my dinner?" Gill immediately fell in love with him. That night Gill told Chris about her magic shoes and so they decided to wish their way home.

They held hands and wished to go home but just then two ugly pirates grabbed their legs. "MOO! OINK! MEOW!" Screamed Gill and she wished the pirates would disappear. In a flash the pirates were gone. "Now we can go home" said Gill and she wished again but this time it didn't happen.

Maeve Tannam
Gillian Treacy