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The Icicle Kingdom

Once upon a time in a cold land, far far away was a beautiful enchanted kingdom. Everything in the Kingdom was made of ice, crystal and snow. Upon the highest mountain in the kingdom lived a family of a king named the Ice King, a queen named Iceabell with two children called Prince Isonhour and Princess Snowflakes.

One day the king and queen decided to have a ball. They invited
everyone in the kingdom. When queen Iceabell's sister, the evil ice witch heard that she was not invited she was outraged. So the evil witch decided that she would put a spell on the kingdom. The spell was that in 24 hours the whole kingdom would be melted!

When the Icicle family heard this, they were terrified. Prince Isonhour and princess Snowflakes decided to take it upon themselves to stop the evil ice witch. They knew it would be too hard to do it by themselves so they went to the crystal cave where the ice fairies lived, in need of help. The ice fairies said that they would be glad to help them.

The next night they all crept in to the evil witch's castle while she was asleep. They all tied her up before she woke but when she did she couldn't move. They pulled the witch into their sleigh and went off. About a half an hour later they arrived at the well. The four of them grabbed the witch and pulled her off the sleigh. After the count of three, they threw her down the never ending crystal well. She was never seen again.

The next day the whole kingdom was delighted and threw a second ball to celebrate. They were all free of the evil ice witch and they all lived happily ever after.

The End

By Sarah Doherty and Sinead Kelly