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The Prince to the Rescue

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess and her father in a gigantic castle. One day when three witches were passing by they saw the princess through a window. They were desperate to eat princess because if they didn't they would soon crumble to ashes. The witches used a spell to get past all the guards that were guarding the castle. They broke down the door and ran down the hall to the princess's room. They tied her hands together and put an apple in her mouth so she couldn't speak.

The witches brought the princess to their cottage, deep in the enchanted forest. They untied the princess's hands and tied her to a chair. One of them took out a huge black cauldron and got it ready for the princess to be boiled in it.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, one of the guards had awakened from the witches spell and he alerted the king immediately about the kidnapping of his daughter. The king knew that he was too old to rescue the princess himself so he summoned a prince from another kingdom to rescue her. The prince had to make a long journey through the deep enchanted forest and on his way he encounters a fox who gives him the directions to the witch's cottage. The prince thanks him and continues his on his journey.

Halfway through the prince's epic adventure, he meets a woodcutter out collecting wood for his fire. The prince tells him his story about rescuing the princess and the woodcutter generously gives him his precious axe, and says "You might need this to defeat the umpa lumpas who guard the witch's cottage day and night."

Eventually the prince reaches the witches cottage. He soon spotted by one of the umpa lumpas and they quickly launched into attack. But with one powerful blow of the axe, the prince had chopped the heads off the umpa lumpas.

Just a few moments ago the witches had decided to take a long nap, seeing as they were so tired after kidnapping the princess. The prince crept up to the window and saw that there was no sign of the witches anywhere. So he snuck in the front door and saw the princess boiling in a pot. He lifted her out and untied her. Outside, there was a beautiful white horse waiting to take them back to the castle. The king granted the prince his daughters hand in marriage and they lived happily ever after.

Abigail Kerins
Sarah Truman