Students' Corner

Students' Corner

We are proud to display a selection of work by Jagoda Spyrczynska (Leaving Certificate 2010).
Click Here for Jadoga's Artwork

Transition Year 2009-10
The mini-med programme run by The Royal College of Surgeons and Beaumont Hospital gives two lucky students the chance to partake in lectures, see operations and talk to doctors and surgeons for a week during Transition Year.  Here is an account from Laura O'Brien.

Mizz Dominican is a students' newletter created originally by Class 1:2 (2002-2003) as part of their computer studies programme and subsequently formed part of the Gaisce tasks undertaken by two Transition Year students (Aoife Mooney and Andrea Ormond) for the remainder of the academic year.

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Mr. Hurley's Second Year English class, as part of their creative writing, have written a number of Fairy Tales. Here is a selection. We hope that you enjoy them.

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Salt & Vinegar
Rescuing The Prince
Where's Henry?
Ping & Pongs' Great Adventure
The Shining Green Shoes
The Talking Dog
Love At First Sight
Lonely Hearts
The Icicle Kingdom
The Prince To The Rescue
Once Upon A Time In Cherry-Ville
The 3 Ompah Lumpahs