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Art and Design has always been a popular subject. The quality of the artwork produced over the years reflects the creative talent of many of our students.

First Year Art

Students learn the basic skills necessary to understanding the foundations of Art. These include drawing, painting, 3D construction and indeed the management of materials and safety practices in the art room. Students are required to keep a sketchbook and practise their drawing regularly. Students do not sit organised examinations but are assessed regularly on the basis of their work.

Second Year Art

In Second year students develop their skills. They become aware of the Junior-Cert project requirements and prepare for this by developing a systematic practice regarding the preparation, execution and presentation of their work. Many students develop their "style" in second year and also begin to gather information on Artists and Designers who have been influential in the Art-world.

Junior Certificate Art

This is a busy yet rewarding year for Art students. The Junior Certificate project requires the student to complete four sections at Higher level and Three sections at Ordinary Level. These sections are based on painting, graphic design, 3D studies and an option (usually a craft-based study). Each section must be reinforced with preparation sheets and support studies. The wide-ranging aspects of the Junior Certificate projects aim to broaden the student's concept of Art as a subject.

Suggested further reading: Drawing on the Right side of the Brain by Betty Frieden

Art and Design at Senior Level:

There are three main focuses at senior level. Firstly, students continue to expand their 2D studies through design orientated projects and imaginative compositions. Secondly, students are required to focus on drawing, especially that of the figure. Thirdly, students begin to study and explore the History of Art in some depth. The latter is an interesting and challenging subject, which introduces students to many new terms and concepts. The written History examination accounts for approximately 39% of the overall mark and therefore forms a vital part of Art at senior level. The student explores Art in Ireland, European Art and Art Appreciation. Fifth and Sixth Year students visit art galleries as part of their studies in school time and as part of their personal studies.

Suggested further reading: The Story of Art by E.H. Gombrich.