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Civic, Social and Political Education

Students have 1 class period per week for C.S.P.E.

Junior Certificate Exam

  • Written paper 40%
  • Project 60%

Pupils are examined on their knowledge of the following areas

  • Human Rights (Declaration on Human Rights etc).
  • The Environment.
  • The law (Role of the Gardai, the Courts etc.).
  • The Government.
  • The European Union.
  • The United Nations.
  • Issues in Society (drugs, refugees, homelessness, etc.).

The course is very broad and the pupils are often asked about current affairs in the written examination. They are advised to watch the news and read the national newspapers once a week.

The following is an exerpt from Scoilnet:

Many of the questions in Section 2 of the 1999 CSPE Examination asked students to suggest actions which they could take in response to the issue under discussion. For example, suggest two actions thatcould be taken to promote and support the rights of people with disabilities. Students should note here that, in each case, they were expected to suggest an action that was capable of being carried out. There were four marks for the first action and two for the second. Marks were allocated depending on whether the action was unrealistic (0 marks), had some possibility of achievement (1 to 2 marks), or was achievable (3 to 4 marks).

A list of suggested actions which students might like to consider as appropriate for this type of question in Section 2 is listed below. Please note that if you repeat an action then you must expand on it to show how it is different from the first mention of it. Repetition without expansion receives zero marks. Be warned!

Suggested Actions:

  1. Poster Campaign
  2. Sign a Petition Campaign
  3. Write a letter to your local TD or MEP or relevant Minister
  4. Letter to your newspaper
  5. Postcard campaign e.g. Tocaire and Child Slave Labour
  6. Organise a local meeting with a relevant Guest Speaker
  7. Publish your message on a Web Page for the Internet e.g. Scoilnet web site
  8. Create your own web site and have a petition form on the site where it can be filled up and submitted
  9. Get a slot on your local radio
  10. Fund raising campaign
  11. Hold a designated day in your school e.g. Green Schools Day
  12. Publish your message in the school newsletter.