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Community Guard Talks

Community Guard Talks

On Tuesday, the 23rd of January, two Gardai came in to talk to Transition Years and Fifth Years on the topic of Substance Misuse. Ciaran and Brian, two local community Gardai, were very friendly and welcoming of questions and open-dialogue. They also spoke with 1st & 2nd years on the topic of Internet Safety.

They guided us through their responsibilities as Gardai in the locality, which includes coming to different schools to educate students on the dangers of drugs and how widespread drug usage can ravage the community.

We learned which drugs fell under the Controlled substances category, such as cannabis, cocaine and heroine. If a person is in possession of a controlled drug without a prescription for either personal use or to sell or supply they are committing an offence under the Misuse Use of Drugs Act 1977. Drug legislation in Ireland is a topic constantly under discussion and regulations have evolved many times over the years.

The Gardai can carry out immediate interventions with people they believe to be using or selling drugs in public.

They finished the talk by sharing their pathway to becoming Gardai, and emphasising the diversity of positions within the Gardai and how much more accessible the pathway to becoming a Gardai has progressed to be.

It was a very interesting talk and we all learned a lot, particularly about the dangers of substance misuse. Maybe some in the room will go on to be Gardai in the future!

Aisling Kehoe and Eimear O’Keeffe

Community Guard Talks
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