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Meeting with Jack Chambers

Students took the opportunity to ask 'future leaders questions' about the role of Junior Ministries, Government Chief Whip & voting age. Thanks to Ms Kealy for organising our virtual trip. @OireachtasNews (
Meeting with Jack Chambers


Three classes of Third Years Zoomed into the Dail to meet Minister Jack Chambers as part of the CSPE Curriculum..

Minister Chambers described his job in government. Chief Whip and Junior Minister for Sport, Defence, and the Gaeltacht.
The students had an opportunity to ask him questions about his Junior Ministries, and his job as the Chief Whip. One of the topics was the possibility of changing the voting age of 18 down to 16. Most students preferred to leave the voting age at 18. One student suggested that at least the option to vote at 16 should be there. Another student asked him why people's pensions were not in line with Government pensions. The Minister said that had changed.
Some students wanted to know when the Gaeltacht would be up and running again? And why Irish is still compulsory in schools. Minister Chambers gave several reasons for compulsory Irish and said that there would be many more jobs in the future in the Public Service for people who spoke Irish.
Minister Chambers said he himself had a particular interest himself in sustainability and climate change.
It was a very enjoyable time in three classrooms Thanks to the Minister all the students and to all the CSPE teachers and the teachers who helped particularly with the technology
Mrs. Kealy
Meeting with Jack ChambersMeeting with Jack ChambersMeeting with Jack Chambers
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