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Semi Finals for U16 & U19 Basketball Teams

Semi Finals for U16 & U19 Basketball Teams

In an excellent display of skill and teamwork, the Dominican College Girls' U16 basketball team capped off an undefeated season with a commanding victory, securing their sixth consecutive win and top spot in the league table. The match, played away to Castleknock CC was their last league game as they set their eyes on the upcoming home semi-final.

The U16’s began with an air of confidence, having already secured their place at the top of the league. Despite a slow start, they quickly found their rhythm, thanks to scores from Lily Hyland and Orlaith Bruton. As the first quarter progressed, the team gradually built momentum, setting the stage for an impressive display in the following periods.

The second quarter showcased the depth of the group as players like Udo Uzor and Isabelle Lavin stepped up, contributing crucial points to extend the lead. The DCGA defense was a force to be reckoned with, led by the great efforts of Mia Clarkin and Erinn Murphy. Their defensive rebounds and tight man-to-man pressure created a formidable barrier, preventing the opposing team from gaining any significant foothold.

Heading into the second half with a dominant lead, the DCGA girls continued to exhibit great teamwork and strategic play. The defensive intensity from Eva Vidal, combined with the scoring finesse of Niamh Butler, ensured that DCGA maintained control of the game. The team finished off the match in effortless style, with a comfortable lead that highlighted their dominance on both ends of the court.

The final buzzer marked not only another victory for DCGA U16 but also a perfect regular season, securing their place as the team to beat in the upcoming home semi-final against St. Andrews College later this week.

In a high-stakes showdown, the Dominican College Girls' U19 basketball team emerged victorious in a nail-biting contest against Castleknock CC. With their place in the semi-final already secured, DCGA were playing for a home semi-final and the top spot in the table, making this match a crucial test of their resilience and skill.

The opening quarter unfolded with both teams displaying fierce competitiveness, trading baskets at either end of the court. The dominance of Dominican College's formidable post players, Udo Uzor and Orlaith Bruton, shone through as they controlled the boards and secured vital points, keeping the first quarter closely contested.

However, Castleknock turned up the intensity in the second quarter, challenging DCGA's defense and managing to build a 10-point lead by halftime. The pressure was on for DCGA, but they responded with determination and skill in the face of adversity. Rachael Hargan showcased excellent high-pressure defense, disrupting Castleknock's offensive rhythm, while Rebecca Heaney's sharpshooting from the outside narrowed the gap on the scoreboard.

Clever plays from Hannah Lavin, along with continued pressure from Caitlin O'Toole and Kate Fitzpatrick-Byrne, kept everyone on the edge of their seats as Dominican College fought to close the deficit. As Castleknock found themselves in foul difficulty, Udo Uzor stepped up to the free-throw line, sinking two crucial shots and adding a late basket to level the score at the end of the fourth quarter, forcing the game into overtime.

Overtime proved to be a showcase of Dominican College's composure and determination. Dominating the rebounds and capitalising on fast break opportunities, the team executed with precision. Rachael Hargan's bank shot put Dominican College ahead by two points, intensifying the drama. With seconds ticking away, DCGA remained determined, and Udo Uzor, once again, went to the free-throw line. Nailing the shots, she secured a 4-point lead for Dominican College, sealing the win and earning them a well-deserved home semi-final.

The thrilling victory showcased the resilience, teamwork, and skill of the DCGA U19 team, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating their performance in the semi-finals against St. Andrews College later this week.

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