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Student Council Executive

Executive 24/25
Student Council Executive

Photo of newly elected Student Council Executive 2024/2025 from left to right: Stella Downes (Vice Chairperson), Cara Moore (Junior Public Relations Officer), Gráinne Nally (Chairperson), Isabelle Fronda (Treasurer), Aoife Scott (Secretary) and Deirbhile Drew (Senior Public Relations Officer).

The Student Council is an essential part of Dominican College, as we represent the student body to staff members, especially the Senior Leadership Team. Our Student Council is made up of Class Representatives, and the Executive Council.

As an Executive, our primary role is to listen to, and advocate for the student voice, as well as push for policies to improve the school experience for everyone. Policies we have been able to influence in the past include trousers being added as an option to the school uniform.

Furthermore, we often organise events and activities that bring the school together, ie. the Christmas Quiz and Hallowe’en Dress-Up in aid of Temple Street!

At the beginning of this school year, the previous Executive set out a list of goals that they hoped to achieve. With hardwork and help from the Senior Leadership Team & student body, they were able to conquer these goals. They are as follows:

Primary Achievements this Year:

  • We became a member school of the ISSU (Irish Second-Level Students’ Union)
  • We set up a communication platform with the other committees of the school (Green Schools, Bród, Amber Flag) in order to create a more coherent student voice. We had a meeting with the other committees to offer the help of the Student Council in any of their goals, and intend to continue these meetings into the new school year.
  • We improved communication between the Student Council and staff by giving a presentation at a staff meeting about who we are, and how we would like to work collaboratively with staff on school events affecting students.
  • All bathroom stalls in the school have been reviewed and fitted with working locks.

A huge congratulations to Gráinne Nally, Ciara Kelly, Jess Kavanagh, Orla Quigley & Stella Downes, who were the members of the Executive Council 2023/2024.

Primary Goals for the new Executive Council:

  • Renovate at least one bathroom and provide temporary improvements for the other bathrooms in the school (ie. soap, toilet paper).
  • Provide free period products in at least one bathroom/accessible location by the end of the year. In terms of funding, we willwill work with the Green Schools Committee on this goal, taking advantage of the bottle and cans returns scheme.
  • Create a more efficiently functioning Student Council in September, in line with the ISSU’s Student Council guidelines.
  • Host an end-of-year outdoor event with entertainment to celebrate the end of the school year and all that has been accomplished!

We want to make sure that students and staff know who we are and what we do, so continue to look out for articles in the upcoming newsletters to see how we are continuing to work towards achieving our goals, and how you can help us achieve them too for the benefit of our school!

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