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All girls Voluntary Secondary Catholic School of approximately 700 pupils, with a broad spectrum of needs and aspirations.


The role of the Guidance Counsellor is to provide for, and support, the Personal, Social, Educational and Vocational development of the student.

Guidance is a range of processes designed to enable individuals to make informed choices and transitions related to their personal, education and career development.

Counselling may be defined as the skilled and principled use of relationship to facilitate self -knowledge, emotional acceptance, growth and the optimal development of personal resources. The overall aim is to provide an opportunity to work towards living more satisfyingly and resourcefully.

The Guidance Counsellor assists students with their personal, social, educational and career choices by providing counselling, support, assessment, information , referrals and classroom guidance activities. Click Here For The Full Document

UCD Science Careers and Open Evening:
01/11/2011. Click on the link below for further information

CAO Handbook 2021

CAO Handbook 2021

Study Guides:

Learning to Learn - Parents Guide

Seven Steps to Examination Success

Useful Websites:

Irish Organisations:

An Bord Altanrais: The Irish Nursing Board
Central Applications Office (CAO)
CERT - The State Tourism Trading Agency
Irish Defence Forces
National Adult Literacy Agency
National Centre for Technology in Education
National Council for Vocational Awards

Irish resources:

CAO On-line Application System
Careers World
Irish Jobs Page
Orange Jobs

International Organisations:

Careers Research and Advisory Centre
European Employment Services (EURES)
National Association of Careers and Guidance
Teachers (UK)
UCAS - UK College Applications

International Resources:

British University Information
Career Perfect
Career Resource Centre
Ecctis - UK Course Discover
Guideline Career Services
My Future - US Online Career Advice site
US Careers Resource Centre

The list of new links on the site.

  1. Bardic Database – The Bardic Poetry Project in TCD
  2. Careers using the Irish language – Career options using Irish
  3. Chemical Database – ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 28 million structures
  4. Chemistry – This site is compulsive reading even for non scientists.
  5. Chemistry – Discover Chemistry careers posters
  6. Chemistry Crosswords – A fun way to learn Chemistry
  7. College Board – USA College and course selection site
  8. College Board USA – The place for search for courses in America
  9. Courses listing in Irish – Interest profiler with and career and course matching (CAO and PLC)
  10. Courses on Irish – List of Courses in TCD
  11. Drink Aware – The leading information portal on alcohol and drinking for consumers in Ireland
  12. Education in Germany – Basic information on the structure of the German education system and on how it works.
  13. Educational Games – We strive to push the envelope of traditional game design while demonstrating the power of games to lead to new ways of thinking.
  14. EUNICAS – EUNiCAS is the European Universities Central Application Support Service.
  15. Europass – Opening doors to learning and working in Europe
  16. Exemption from Irish or Third Language – NUI Application form for exemption – PDF
  17. Genetics for everyone – A fun introduction to the basics of Genetics
  18. Guide to UCAS – This is a must read for anyone thinking of applying to UCAS
  19. Ipad Quick Reference Card – All you need to know to get your iPad working – PDF
  20. Irish and Celtic Studies TCD – Introduction to the Department
  21. Irish Grammar – Learn Irish grammar
  22. Irish Language offers a comprehensive database of Irish language jobs and career opportunities
  23. Irish Studies – An Interdisciplinary Course in Irish Civilisation in TCD
  24. Irish Studies, Celtic Studies, Folklore and Linguistics – Irish department in UCD
  25. Languages Tutor Site – An online workbook for your Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Latin language students.
  26. Learning Chemistry – Resources for those teaching or learning Chemistry
  27. Music Generation – Music Generation is Ireland’s new National Music Education Programme
  28. Music Tuition Site – Offers fun, interactive music lessons for music/instrument learners of all ages
  29. Music videos in Irish – Music Videos by Colaiste Lurgan
  30. Nano technology – The impact of this science area in our economy – PDF
  31. Online Language Games – Have fun playing while learning languages with online games!
  32. Study in Australia or New Zealand – Free, independent, expert service for people looking to study in Australia and New Zealand.
  33. Study in Sweden – This is a comprehensive resource for information about higher education in Sweden.
  34. Study in the UK – For anyone living in Ireland and thinking of doing a third-level course in Northern Ireland or elsewhere in the United Kingdom
  35. Studying Commerce in Irish – Video in Irish
  36. Studying Irish – Video in studying Irish in NUIG
  37. Studying Irish – List of CAO courses on Irish in Qualifax
  38. Why Study Down Under – Why go all the way to Australia or New Zealand to study at university ? Here are a few things to consider

Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff:

Please find below, new and comprehensive guidance and career links plus information for parents, teachers and all (first to sixth year) students . It is envisaged that these will be updated regularly to provide an invaluable research tool for everyone.

Guidance linkCareers Link

Topics include aptitude tests, study skills, subject choice, college/course career choice, CAO, UCAS, PLC, bullying, transition to second level/third level and many more topics of interest. Some of this information has been compiled by students themselves.

Please note that Dominican College does not accept any responsibilty for any misinformation/inaccuracies that may occur on the sites/links.

Also check CAO website for any new recently introduced course.

F. Moran E. Lloyd (Guidance Counsellor)

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