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JC - Business Studies

Junior Cycle Business Studies

The Junior Cycle Business Studies specification is divided into three strands-Personal Finance, Enterprise and Our Economy. Cutting through each strand are three strand elements:

  • Managing my resources: focuses on developing fundamentals of each strand.
  • Exploring business: looks at the context for business of each strand.
  • Using skills for business: looks at applying knowledge gained in each strand.

Strand 1: Personal Finance

Personal finance focuses on students developing a set of skills and knowledge that allows them to make informed decisions to manage their financial resources effectively and responsibility.

Strand 2: Enterprise

Enterprise makes the class an active learning space where students apply their understanding, skills and values to an enterprise. It develops students’ basic understanding of the financial, marketing and operational functions of an organisation.

Strand 3: Our Economy

Our economy enables students to understand the dynamic relationship between the local, national and international economic situation. It develops students’ ability to identify and understand basic economic concepts as they relate to personal finance, an enterprise and the economy.

CBA 1:Business in Action

  • This is a group project completed in second year.
  • Group projects are based on three options:
  1. Enterprise in action
  2. Economics in action
  3. Finance in action
  • This work is completed in class over a period of four weeks with support from the class teacher.
  • Each team member must submit two individual reflection sheets.

CBA 2: Presentation

  • This is an individual oral presentation.* completed over a period of three weeks in third year.
  • Students must investigate and present on a business related topic.
  • There are three areas of activity;
  1. Investigating,
  2. Making informed judgements,
  3. Communicating.

*These oral presentations will be recorded in the classroom for assessment purposes.

Assessment Task

  • Students complete a specified written task which is sent to the SEC for marking.
  • The assessment task will be linked to the Presentation (CBA 2)
  • This is completed in third year after CBA 2.
  • 10% of final grade

Terminal Exam

  • 2 hour exam based on the learning outcomes the student will have studied throughout the 3 year course.
  • 90% of final grade

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