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JC - CBA Calendars 2021-2022

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3rd Yr CBA Calendar 2021-2022

2nd Yr CBA Calendar 2021-2022

Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their learning and skills in ways not possible in a pen and paper examination. For example, their verbal communication and investigation skills.

CBA 1 is undertaken in 2nd Year during a defined time period within normal class contact time. CBA 2 is completed in 3rd Year. Our Schools CBA Timetable for 2nd Year is aligned to the national CBA windows. CBAs will form the basis of our 2nd Year Summer Report and will be reported in the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) using the following descriptors that are linked to the Features of Quality for each subject:
Above Expectations
In-Line with Expectations
Yet to Meet Expectations

Whilst Classroom-Based Assessments are designed to take place under the guidance of the teacher in a classroom context, schools have flexibility in the school year 2021-2022, in light of changing circumstances that may arise due to Covid19, to support students to complete CBAs in school and/or remotely. Particular attention is drawn to the following:

- students complete CBAs primarily during class time, with support and guidance from the teacher
- the selection of activities and topics for CBAs should be guided by what is practical and safe at the time in line with public health advice
- students who cannot attend school due to circumstances arising from Covid19 can be facilitated to research, create and complete their CBA remotely, with support and guidance from the teacher
- adjustments to how schools conduct CBAs and/or the support of digital technologies, in line with schools’ child protection, acceptable use and GDPR policies, may be necessary

For further information on CBA Assessment Guidelines and the new Junior Cycle:

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