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Leaving Certificate Physical Education


Leaving Certificate Physical Education provides an equitable and inclusive learning experience for learners in senior cycle. It aims to appeal to the broad student population and not only to those learners who excel as performers in physical activity. Learners who have an interest in and commitment to physical activity and sport are encouraged to study Leaving Certificate Physical Education. The learning outcomes are designed to be relevant to the personal, social, cultural and vocational interests of a broad range of learners.


Leaving Certificate Physical Education is presented in two strands. In strand 1, students learn about different theoretical perspectives that impact on optimum performance and how to apply this understanding to a range of different activities. In strand 2, students learn about contemporary issues in physical activity and how different people experience physical activity and sport.


There are three assessment components in Leaving Certificate Physical Education: A physical activity project, performance assessment and written examination. Differentiation at the point of assessment will be achieved through examinations at two levels, Ordinary level and Higher level. The performance assessment will be at a common level.

Physical Activity Areas:

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